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藝徒十三 (Thirteen Art Enthusiasts)


藝徒十三 (Thirteen Art Enthusiasts) is a local publication written by Dr. Cheung Che Chun. The book concluded and analyzed thirteen life stories of Hong Kong artists and designers: from how they gained passion for art & design, learned related skills, and engaged themselves in art & design industries. Throughout their stories, the author wants to provide inspiration and support to local teenagers and educators who are also enthusiastic about art & design.


Fortunately, I was invited to become one of the interviewees and shared my stories in this book. At the same time, I also designed the book cover for it.

Based on the author’s requirements, I used blue/white color and lotus as key visual elements and constructed an underwater world on the cover. I chose lotus’s stem to be a metaphor for one’s development path, when the characters in the book cover look back at their stems, they are also looking back to their growth, echoing with the main idea of 藝徒十三 (Thirteen Art Enthusiasts).

The following figure shows another version of the cover design.

Reference of the bottom view of lotus flowers and leaves.


Local Publication


2019 - 2020

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