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Askmo v2.0


Askmo is a mobile & web app for homework asking, it was developed by Edmodo team. Through the app, students can upload their question photos, and get instant help from the online tutors.


In this project, I mainly based on the UI / UX problems in Askmo v.1.0, proposed suggestive solutions to the US team members.

For example, in Askmo web app, the original menu was fixed on the left side and took up 1/5 of screen space, pushing the main content to the right side. Therefore, I suggested putting the menu into the top bar, leaving more space for the main content and letting students focus on it.

In addition, it was reported that students always uploaded photos including more than one question, so that tutors cannot figure out which question to answer. In order to solve this issue, I have proposed several ideas on Upload Question UIs, they include: Let students check whether their questions have multi-part questions, and let them indicate the question by using an arrow sticker before upload. (See figure below)


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